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Attorney for Foreclosure and Money Judgments

Enforce a security interest via foreclosure action, or obtain a money judgment.

Foreclosure is the legal avenue to enforce a security interest against real estate. As a property law firm, foreclosure is a key area of our practice. We provide high quality, responsive, and affordable foreclosure services, including money judgments for amounts owed.

“Ryan is very responsive and provides professional/sound advise while always keeping his client’s best interest in mind. All costs are openly discussed up front and requires no follow-up when taking action or providing deliverables to meet timelines. We appreciated his dedication to our case and would definitely recommend!”

–Glen Cabarcas

Estimated Pricing

Loan Document and Default Review

  • Estimate: $225
  • If necessary, includes up to 1 hours of attorney time to review the loan documents, verify the default, and review the ledger for amounts owed
  • This is often necessary to determine whether foreclosure is warranted and the content of the default letter.

Foreclosure Demand Letter

  • Estimate: $450
  • Includes up to 2 hours of attorney time to draft and send a loan default and pre-foreclosure letter. Does not include extensive revisions or complex provisions (beyond 2 hours).
  • This is necessary prior to filing a foreclosure action.

Hourly Advice or Dispute Services

  • $225 / hour
  • 15-minute increments
  • By phone, email, or office
  • Hourly billing applies to most litigation situations, but we can provide rough pricing estimates for different phases of the litigation process based on your situation.

Uncontested Foreclosure Action

  • Estimate: $1,500 – $4,000 in attorney fees, plus $200 – $400 in filing fees and service fees
  • Pricing varies widely depending on how many foreclosure defendants are necessary, the amount of the loan, and whether any negotiations occur.

Contested Foreclosure Action

  • $225 / hour
  • If any defendant contests or opposes the foreclosure action, then pricing is hourly and total cost depends on the nature and extent of the litigation.
  • See our Litigation Services Page for more detail.

How to Get Started

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