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Attorneys for Real Estate Investors

Accomplish your real estate goals. Our real estate investing attorneys focus on the areas of law most important for your business.

What is an investor friendly real estate attorney?

You should only team up with a law firm uniquely focused on the type of legal services you need. Our firm was founded with the primary aim of serving real estate investors. To that end, our real estate attorneys focus on the areas of law impacting investors. This may include transactions, disputes, leasing, landlord/tenant, LLC formation, title work, quiet titles, probates, mortgages, real estate financing, zoning, development, and more. See our services page for more detail.

Legal problems are like ugly carpet. They can lead to profit.

Not all legal problems are good. But a good investor knows how to identify a legal problem causing an asset to be undervalued, solve the problem, and reap the profits. Like replacing an ugly carpet, fixing a legal problem is a way to increase the value of real estate.

A physical renovation removes surface level flaws that have scared away the ordinary consumer, thereby increasing the market value of the property.  Rather than seeing flaws, investors see solutions, which allows them to identify hidden value and capitalize on market inefficiencies.  This concept usually applies to physical flaws (such as ugly carpet), but it can also apply to legal flaws (such as title defects).  However, legal flaws are more complex than physical flaws, so some investors are unable to look past legal flaws in the way they look past physical flaws.

Just as the ordinary consumer shies away upon discovering an ugly carpet, many investors shy away upon discovering legal flaws.  This creates an opportunity for  investors who are able to imagine solutions to legal flaws.

What type of “legal flaws” can be cured to increase the market value of a property?

  • Fixing title defects
  • Removing bad tenants
  • Subdividing property
  • Changing zoning status

And these are only a few examples. By studying the legal tools most likely to increase property value, our attorneys have become ideal partners for real estate investors.

One law firm, multiple states.

Your investing goals are not limited by geography, and neither is our legal counsel. Although we take a highly personal approach to practicing law, we also conduct business online to increase speed and decrease cost. This allows us to handle legal needs throughout the country, using local contract attorneys when necessary. We have multiple physical locations, but even if we do not have a physical location in a given state, we can still support your investing goals through online business and local contract attorneys.

Highly Reviewed

With an average rating of 4.9 on Google, we’re confident that clients find great value in our services. We develop long-term partnerships with real estate investors, all the while keeping your business objectives in focus. If for any reason you aren’t happy with our firm, we will find a way to make it right and help you find a better solution. We care more about long-term satisfaction than short-term profits. That’s why our firm is so highly reviewed.

We’re on BiggerPockets

Although we’re attorneys first, most of us also take a keen interest in real estate investing. See Ryan’s BP profile. By staying connected with the investor community, we seek to understand your business objectives and challenges on a deep level, so that we can become an effective long-term member of your team.

What are your pricing options?

Usually, we do not request a retainer payments from real estate investors. Instead, we request a Client Services Agreement disclosing reasonable hourly rates for all types of legal work. This way, you can contact us with questions as the need arises and receive legal advice on an hourly basis. That said, if you need an up-front pricing estimate for a project, we are happy to provide it. You can request an estimate now by filling out a simple form. To get a feel for our pricing, you can also review our pricing schedule for common services.