Solve your property problems.

Accomplish your real estate goals.

Jones Property Law, PLLC

Our attorneys focus exclusively on real estate and property law. We clean up the legal mess, and you stay focused on what matters most to you.

What is your goal?

Maximize profit and minimize risks by leveraging the appropriate legal tools.

Structure and close a commercial sale, purchase, or lease agreement.

With or without an agent, achieve a smooth home purchase or sale.

Repair title with a quiet title suit, quitclaim deed, probate, adverse possession, or a related legal tool.

Complete an affordable and effective estate plan, or finalize the estate or probate of a loved one.

Create, update, or improve your HOA or neighborhood structure. Resolve covenant and dues disputes.

Resolve disputes related to transactions, boundaries, access, ownership, estates, HOAs, or leasing.

Push through red tape and satisfy legal requirements for your real estate development or subdivision project.

Legally structure owner-financed transactions, rent-to-owns, contract-for-deeds, and similar devices.

See Our Reviews

My case could have gone into the court system and had the potential to last a year or more. Ryan took on my case, kept it out of the court system AND won it all within 2 weeks! We were awarded our new home and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you! I highly recommend him!

Jason B (anonymous for privacy purposes)

Max handled my conflict with the neighborhood HOA quickly and efficiently. He listened to my concerns and, subsequently, formulated a plan as to how best to address them. Not only was he very capable but he did not incur charges for unnecessary correspondence. I would definitely recommend Jones Property Law.

Sarah VinZant

Ryan assisted my firm with a loan closing, we had not previously done business in Oklahoma. Ryan was knowledgeable and responsive and helped us paper the transaction in a quick and cost effective manner. We will use Jones Property Law on all our future dealings in Oklahoma.

Matthew Akers