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Reviews & Ratings

We’re confident that clients find great value in our services. If for any reason you aren’t happy with our firm, we will find a way to make it right and help you find a better solution. We care more about long-term satisfaction than short-term profits. That’s why our firm is so highly reviewed.

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I needed an attorney to help divide some property. After going through a number of other attorneys, I finally found Luke Luker with Jones Property Law. Luke was super helpful, did the appropriate research and was always timely with responses. I can't thank him and his team enough. Would definitely use him again for any property legalities!
Marc Callaway
Marc Callaway
18:51 02 Apr 24
JT is a great attorney. We appreciate the fact that because we are involved in a family lawsuit he did everything possible to end the matter peacefully as possible.
Marcus Gentry
Marcus Gentry
17:37 26 Mar 24
I was on the search for a good real estate attorney to help with a sale contract. So off to Google I went to start my search. I had reached out to a few attorneys at other firms who either took several days to call back, didn’t get back to me at all, or had outrageous fees. I started to get frustrated. I then came across Jones Property Law and I’m SO glad I did. Every contact I had with the firm’s staff from day one was pleasant and helpful. JT Stevenson was the attorney assigned to help me and throughout the process, he was kind, very responsive, and took time to explain things to me. He took care of what I needed in just a few days. The entire staff is amazing! Recommend 100%!
Lex Marie
Lex Marie
16:46 31 Jan 24
I have known and worked with Jones Property Law for several years and can't brag on them enough! They have helped me with LLC formation, QTA, Trusts, and even a JV partnership formation. Luke, Sid, Ryan - are all amazing!
Lara White
Lara White
17:31 30 Jan 24

About Us

Our Locations and Service Areas

We have access to a network of attorneys and contract attorneys that allows us to provide solutions in most any US State. Our documents can be purchased from anywhere, and our legal services can be provided entirely online if necessary. However, we also have physical office locations in Oklahoma and Texas. But even if you aren’t close to an office, we can still help. We resolve many issues remotely, saving you the hassle of office visits.

What is property law?

Property law refers to any area of law involving real property rights. “Real property” is another term for real estate. Real estate is the land itself and anything permanently attached to it (a house or a building). Rather than spreading our efforts and expertise too thin, we focus exclusively on property law.

What type of attorneys are we?

Different terms get thrown around to describe an attorney who deals with property law, such as real estate lawyer, property lawyer, or estate planning lawyer. All of our practice areas share the same knowledge base: property law. We have some attorney focused more on estate planning, others more on transactions, others on title, others more on litigation, and so on. Our attorneys work together to provide the highest quality solutions at the lowest possible cost. For example, an estate planning attorney may need the expertise of a real estate attorney to help finalize conveyances or fix certain title problems. This exchange of property law knowledge occurs easily within our firm, since we have real estate attorneys, property lawyers, and estate planning attorneys all on the same team.

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