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Terms & Conditions

Contacting Our Firm – Consent to Response

If you contact our firm through our website, phone number, email, or any other method, you agree to be contacted by us via phone, text message, or email thereafter. You agree to be contacted by such means for the duration of the relationship as a new potential client, client, or previous client. You acknowledge that it is necessary for us to communicate to by any means necessary in order to correspond efficiently and effectively.

Legal Products vs. Legal Services

Legal products and legal services are two completely different things, and our firm sells them both. Before you purchase products or services from our firm, it’s critical that you understand which one you are purchasing and the difference between the two.

Legal “Services” are performed by a licensed attorney, such as legal advice, drafting documents customized for your unique situation, representing you in court, or providing legal advice for your unique situation. Legal Services may only be performed by an attorney licensed to practice law in the relevant state or jurisdiction. Legal Services involve the representation of an individual person or entity, with the legal Service being customized based on information provided by the individual or entity to the law firm. Legal Services are provided within the context of an attorney-client relationship, which means that professional ethics rules apply to both the attorney and client.

In contrast, legal “Products” (as sold by our firm) are off-the-shelf downloads, such as Word documents, PDFs, videos, toolkits, checklists, workflows, or other digital products. Our legal Products are not customized or tailed based on information you provide to us about your unique situation. Although our legal Products are prepared by attorneys who have researched the laws relating to that particular product, we do not represent that all of our products were necessarily prepared by an attorney licensed in the particular state where the legal Product will be used. When creating legal Products, we use our skills and knowledge to create helpful and cost-effective Products, but we do not provide legal services or representation through our products. How you choose to use our Products is completely up to you, and in some cases, it may be best to use our Products in conjunction with an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. All legal Products will need to be edited and tailored to fit your exact situation, and in some cases, you may need to hire an attorney or exercise your own knowledge of the law and the legal system in order to use the Products effectively.

No Attorney-Client Relationship for Legal Products

Therefore, when you purchase Products from our firm, there is no attorney-client relationship formed. By completing the purchase of any Product from our firm, you acknowledge that our firm has not provided legal Services to you by selling you the Product. The terms and conditions of purchasing Products from our firm are set forth below under Terms of Product Sales and Website Use.

Legal Services Require a Separate Agreement

If you contact our firm through our website, phone number, email, or other method and ask us to represent you, there is no attorney-client relationship formed unless and until we agree to represent you, complete a successful conflict of interest check, and you sign a Client Services Agreement or Representation Agreement in which you agree to hire our firm for legal Services. If this occurs, the terms and conditions set forth in the Client Services Agreement or Representation Agreement would govern the attorney-client relationship.

Product Suggestions are not Legal Services

If you speak with one of our attorneys and you decline to hire our firm for certain legal Services, our attorneys might direct you toward legal Products available on our website that might interest you. If you choose to purchase a legal Product instead of hiring our firm for actual legal Services, you acknowledge that our suggestion of certain Products does not constitute the provision of legal Services, even if the Product suggestions were based on communication with you. By choosing to purchase a Product, you acknowledge that you could have hired an attorney at our firm instead or requested that our firm refer you to another attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Therefore, you agree that Product suggestions do not constitute legal Services.

Terms of Product Sales and Website Use

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