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Letter to Landlord: Non-Renewal Lease Termination (Oklahoma)

Why would you use this letter?

  • Provide notice of termination or non-renewal for an Oklahoma residential lease.
  • Make sure you provide the right amount and type of notice (guided workflow).
  • You’re not terminating early. The lease is terminating or expiring by its own terms.
  • Avoid spending lots of money on an attorney, but still send a professional notice.
  • Make the process fast and easy (automated document.)
  • Get instant access to use and send the letter. No waiting around.

It’s critical to provide official notice of non-renewal.

If you don’t provide timely and accurate notice, your lease might renew automatically, locking you into an additional lease term. This automated letter is the perfect solution to provide official notice of lease termination.

How does it work?

  1. Use our automated document builder to create your letter.
  2. Download the Word document and edit as necessary.
  3. Sign and send the letter to your landlord.


  • This letter allows a tenant to easily provide the required amount of notice to terminate or non-renew a residential lease in Oklahoma.
  • The letter is based on the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act.
  • The letter also includes a request that the landlord return any security deposit being held (this is important, or the landlord may be allowed to keep it).
  • This is an official legal notice written in a professional tone and formatted for easy sending.
  • You will answer a series of questions designed to help you fill out the letter accurately and determine the amount of required notice.
  • You will then download, review, and adjust the letter as necessary before signing it.
  • You will download the agreement as a Word document and then further customize to your situation if necessary.
  • This is a legal Product, not a legal Service. See our Terms & Conditions on the difference between a legal Product and a legal Service.

No attorney client relationship.

Document automation is very helpful, but it’s never perfect. You are responsible for reviewing this document, correcting it, customizing it as necessary, and using it appropriately. Usage of this document and the associated workflow does NOT create an attorney-client relationship with Jones Property Law. You must contact and hire an attorney at Jones Property Law to receive advice or legal services in connection with this document.

What if I have questions about the form?

We answer technical support questions for free (problems with payment or the download process). But if you need legal advice about how to use this form, how to interpret this form, or how to resolve your legal issues, then you will need to hire an attorney. In that case, send us a message, and we can either represent you or refer you to an appropriate attorney.