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Buyout Agreement for Jointly Owned Real Estate (User Friendly)

    Why use this legal form?

    • Co-owners can use this form to accomplish a purchase or sale to other co-owners.
    • Instead of litigation, co-owners can resolve ownership issues with a buyout and save thousands in attorney fees.
    • Co-owners can avoid a partition action or a forced sale in certain cases.
    • It’s written in plain, understandable language. But it’s still thorough and detailed.


    What is a real estate buyout?

    A buyout occurs when a co-owner of jointly owned real estate buys the ownership of any other co-owner. One owner can buy the ownership of all other co-owners, or just the some of them. Or, multiple co-owners can buyout another co-owner. This legal form can be edited to reflect any type of buyout agreement.

    Description: what is included?

    • 5-7 page agreement template in Word format
    • Instant download upon purchase
    • Highlighted instructional content to help you edit and complete the template
    • Multiple checkbox options to help you prepare a thorough contract
    • Usable in any state


    How to use this legal form:

    • After downloading the document, fill out the highlighted content with your details, such as owner names and property address
    • Edit and customize the document as necessary to fit your situation
    • Delete instructional highlights if necessary
    • Sign the agreement with all parties to the contract
    • Follow the details in the contract to finalize the buyout agreement


    Who can use this letter?

    • This legal form can be used by either attorneys or non-attorneys.
    • At minimum, you need to be capable of editing and printing Word documents to use this letter.


    Should you hire an attorney or use this legal template?

    This legal template is not the same as hiring an attorney, and in some cases, you should hire an attorney. That is 100% your decision.

    But here are some reasons why you might want to use this legal template:

    • Pay a small fraction of what you would pay an attorney
    • Stay in control of the negotiation process
    • Avoid threatening your co-owners with a lawyer unless absolutely necessary
    • Get started immediately rather than waiting on an attorney
    • Attempt to resolve the situation outside of court (and hire an attorney for court only if necessary)

    This is a legal Product, not a legal Service. When you buy this legal form, you are not hiring an attorney. See our Terms & Conditions on the difference between a legal Product and a legal Service. We respect your decision about when to hire an attorney and when to use legal tools directly.  If you decide you need legal advice, contact our attorneys. We can either represent you or help you find an appropriate attorney. Keep in mind that we charge separately for legal services, including any advice about how to use or interpret products purchased from our firm.