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Attorney for Boundary Disputes

Protect your boundary, fence line, or property rights.

As a property law firm, we frequently deal with boundary issues, encroachments, fence line disputes, adverse possession, and access problems. We can provide an analysis of your boundary situation, and if necessary, we can litigate to enforce your rights.

“Luke was awesome, he was very professional and he keep me updated throughout the whole process. Not only was Luke very knowledgeable he took the time to explain in detail about my case and what I should expect. Thank you”

–Eric Abrahms

Estimated Pricing

Boundary or Property Rights Review and Analysis

  • Estimate: $450
  • Includes up to 2 hours of attorney time to review the boundary issue or disputed situation and provide an attorney’s opinion on next steps, if applicable

Boundary or Encroachment Letter

  • Estimate: $675
  • Includes up to 3 hours of attorney time to draft and send a demand letter asserting or defending rights in a boundary or encroachment situation.
  • Does not include subsequent litigation, if applicable

Hourly Litigation or Dispute Services

How to Get Started

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