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Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Solve your property problems. Accomplish your real estate goals. Our commercial real estate attorneys practice nothing but property law, making us an ideal partner for commercial real estate needs.

What is a commercial real estate attorney?

A commercial real estate attorney handles transactions, litigation, leasing, zoning, or development work for commercial properties. In addition, commercial real estate attorneys may provide general counsel and business advice to property investors. They should be knowledgeable in all aspects of property law.

Commercial real estate is a form of investing.

As a property law firm, our attorneys focus on the areas of law most important to commercial real estate. However, we recognize that commercial real estate falls under the broader category of real estate investing. For that reason, we study the legal tools most valuable to investors, seeking to create a long-term relationship that grow your business and your portfolio. For more detail, see: Attorneys for Real Estate Investors.

One law firm, multiple states.

Although we take a highly personal approach to practicing law, we also conduct business online to increase speed and decrease cost. This allows us to handle legal needs throughout the nation, using local attorneys when necessary. We have multiple physical locations, but even if we do not have a physical location in a given state, we can still serve you through online business and local attorneys.

Highly Reviewed

With an average rating of 4.9 on Google, we’re confident that clients find great value in our services. We develop long-term partnerships with real estate investors, all the while keeping your business objectives in focus. If for any reason you aren’t happy with our firm, we will find a way to make it right and help you find a better solution. We care more about long-term satisfaction than short-term profits. That’s why our firm is so highly reviewed.

What are your pricing options?

Usually, we do not request a retainer payments on commercial real estate matter (except for litigation). Instead, we request a Client Services Agreement disclosing reasonable hourly rates for all types of legal work. This way, you can contact us with questions as the need arises and receive legal advice on an hourly basis. That said, if you need an up-front pricing estimate for a project, we are happy to provide it. You can request an estimate now by filling out a simple form. To get a feel for our pricing, you can also review our pricing schedule for common services.